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With 2019 in full swing, it’s time to focus on having the wedding of your dreams!  We have all of the top trends and what’s “in” with details to help you incorporate these trends into your wedding day budget.




Signature Signage

Incorporating unique signage for your special day is one of the most trendy forms of personalization.  Light boxes, lighted up signs, and neon signs are going to be "in" this year.  Additionally, more traditional signage, such as wooden signs, are still very popular.  We suggest you aim for bringing in more dynamic signage on your wedding day and building it into a structure of flowers!

US1Printing Solutions provides themed & custom designed Signage.




Acrylic Details

This trend started to become popular in past years, but will be VERY popular in 2019.  Implementing acrylic details into your layout will be a choice you will not regret.  Be sure to set a solid background behind any acrylic piece you use.  Otherwise, your guests may have trouble reading your beautiful creation.  Some great ideas include table numbers, menus, signage, and more!

Basic Invite offers acrylic invitations, menus, escort cards and more... Use code AnitaDybala for 20% discount.


 Photo by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash

Photo by Anna Utochkina

Elevated Photography

No couple should plan their day without thinking about capturing every moment.  Drones are coming into the picture (pun intended) for pictures and videos in 2019.  They are able to capture an angle of the couple's day that traditionally would never be seem.  Adventure pictures will be big this year.  Couples are deciding to go somewhere adventurous between the ceremony and reception to capture once in a lifetime pictures.  Hint: If you can't seem to find time on your wedding day, get dressed up one day after your wedding and make the journey - you won't regret it!  Regardless of all of the new ideas for capturing your wedding day, standard film and video is always a great option.  It allows couples  the chance to relive their day and get to experience things they may not have noticed on their wedding day.


Photo by Annie Gray

Vibrant Colors

Haven't picked a color scheme for your wedding yet?  Try to incorporate vibrant colors to really make your special day come to life!  This is a trend that we started to see in the past year, but it will be on the rise even more in 2019. Introducing blues, pinks, and oranges into your decor is a fun an easy way to create a color scheme that really pops!



David Jenkins Photography

Earthy Elements

Using earthy tones and details in your decor is a fashionable way to make a statement on your special day.  Fuse together some greens and neutral colors for a design that will create a breathtaking ambiance for any venue.  Pampas grass is another great element that would tie together all of the earthy tones for a more simplistic feel.



One July Photography


Taper Candles

Weddings are all about love and romance, right?!  So why not set the mood with these classic taper candles.  No matter what theme you plan on bringing to life, it is easy to integrate some taper candles to finish it off.  Try using these as part of your centerpieces or event as accents throughout your venue.



Olfactory Experience

  The key to create an unforgettable wedding day is to engage as many senses as possible throughout the event. Scent is a new way to brand your wedding. Custom perfumes are being personalized and created specifically for the event. They're used on invitations, spritzed through the venue or created in the form of a candle to be gifted as favors. Your guests will be instantly brought back to #specialmoments when they light the candle.

A company called HeavenScent craft artisan perfumes and hand poured candles in signature scents.


Creative and Interactive Dessert and Favor Stations

Making your reception as fun and interactive for your guests is a huge trend in 2019.  A great way to make this happen is to bring in dessert and favor stations.  Think about including things like a cigar bar, coffee bar, interactive photo booth, and so many more ideas. 

A company called Baonanas brings a cart filled with fluffy and delicious banana pudding to your venue to ensure each guest leaves with a delicious treat! Yummy!


Activities for the Younger Guests

Regardless of what year it is, there will always be kids at weddings. Create a kids table with arts and crafts to ensure that children at the party will remain entertained.

A company called Smile Cloud USA create custom shaped clouds that float for miles and it's environment-friendly, great alternative to dangerous balloons and lanterns.


Glass Sweetheart table with crystals

Despite all the trumpets and fanfare, a marriage is at its core, a union of two hearts on fire.  A wedding is a commemoration of that love with the family and friends who cultivated and defined love throughout the lives of the couple. Love is the ultimate theme and is interwoven into every detail of the wedding.  For Tracy and Johnny, that was evident in every choice the couple made—from the venue to the bride’s walk down the aisle.

As a senior director and a woman who loves to travel, Tracy was a soon-to-be bride with passionate views of what she wanted at her wedding.  However, she found herself lacking enough time on her plate to execute her dreams. Her fiancé, Johnny, shared her views but was also pressed for time.



When the couple reached out to us for help, it was clear from the start that this wedding was going to be a magnificent manifestation of love!  Their love story was a magical array of passion and compassion. When we asked them to tell us their story, their eyes lit up from excitement as they each recounted the moment they knew this was the one. The sparks between them could turn any non-believer into a hopeless romantic!  Tracy and Johnny were destined to be soulmates. 



All love stories are special, but our team recognized that this couple’s wedding would be different from the get-go.

The choice of a church was a very sentimental and personal selection for the bride and her family.  What better location to choose to celebrate a holy union than in a place that reverberates with the bride and echoes with sentimental value? It was our privilege to help Tracy create the ceremony of her dreams to join in matrimony with the man of her dreams, while honoring her memory of the church.




The aisle was mesmerizing with droplets of flowers and beautiful candles lining the way. Tracy was lucky enough to have her Uncle escorted her halfway down the aisle, to then be accompanied by her young son.  The trio traveled down the rest of the isle together until her son got the change to give her away. When the priest asked, “Who gives permission for this woman to be married?” He said, “I do.”




They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend— which was certainly true for Tracy!  She loved everything sparkly with rhinestones, gold, and silver. The bride loved the cuisine at the venue, but it lacked that sparkle.  Luckily, we were there to help transform that vision into reality.


Our specialty is attention to detail. This couple knew that the intricate details reverberated with their guests and made their wedding all the more memorable.

Their sweetheart table had crystals and lighting built in to create a glow.  To play off of that, all of the guests tables had crystals and other details encompassed throughout which embraced the theme.