About Us

„… A dreamer...” that’s how my closests would describe me in just a few words. Indeed since I was a little girl I dreamt big about fashion, lavish festivities and luxurious lifestyle. I kept a book of my designs and creations. I do consider myself a dreamer, where everything is possible and magical but I’m also a strong believer in thoughts become things…meaning dreams do come true. In my mind a wedding is a piece of art, a timeless expression of the unique love and character of two people, who want to join eternally. Every one of us is distinct with different likes and passions, thus the resulting event is unique. I want to help you create this event in the most seamless way, where all the rough edges blend flawlessly together.


Anita Dybala is a consulting and design firm committed to transforming the client's vision into life’s most extraordinary moments. Anita’s goal is to inspire, guide and simplify the planning process for all brides, providing with her extensive expertise in aesthetics and planning. Additionally Anita is a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. She also holds Bachelor Degree of Economics from University of Saint Cross, which helped her expand her knowledge in the financial planning and budgeting. Anita is currently living in Princeton, New Jersey. She’s been happily married for 8 years and she has a son and a daughter. In her spare time Anita loves spending time outdoors with her two amazing children. She also enjoys dancing rumba with her mentor and immensely supportive husband Darius, who is pursuing career in entrepreneurship. She is passionate about fashion, designing, environmental friendly living, and healthy lifestyle.